Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

People are fascinated by Cryptocurrency and its “cult-like” following and equally intrigued by financial leaders like Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett calling Bitcoin a bubble or fraud. But blockchain technology – is widely applauded by all as a technological breakthrough with massive potential.

A joint survey by Global Blockchain Business and Survey Monkey polled 5,761 adults in America and found that only 5 percent own cryptocurrency, 21 percent of those polled were “considering adding cryptocurrency to their portfolios,” and 58 percent of the cryptocurrency holders were white males under the age of 34.

We at ThirdM want to understand the “cryptocurrency phenomenon”, the technology by-products, and provide a single location for news and articles about it.

We hope you find this as interesting as we do. So to begin, here is the link tp Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper to start. to

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