Your new system’s plan is sound, save for that one unknown. But without in-house expertise on hand, that one piece makes you hesitant to commit to the overall deliverable goals and deadlines. Let us assist you with a proof of concept to determine its feasibility and give you the confidence and experience to move forward.

Once we understand the issue we get to work coding. We’ll prove out the questionable piece in an isolated manner. In a matter of weeks – or days, depending on your specific situation – we’ll let you know what works well, and we’ll solve any problems we identify. If you decide to move forward, we can help you integrate the piece into the system, or the experience gained during the process may leave you confident to proceed on your own.

One technique we use for proof of concept work is building out PowerShell scripts to automate the creation of a SharePoint information architecture model.  We can also build scripts to load sample documents from your file servers that your department managers and users can experiment with to rapidly prototype a SharePoint portal before committing to a structure.  This technique can greatly reduce the unknown for your users and flush out flaws in your information architecture design.

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