Does your enterprise software investment meet many of your needs, but neglects one or more key requirements? Has your company’s growth outpaced your home-grown system’s capabilities? If you face a transition to an unfamiliar technology, technique or platform, or have significant software development needs – we can help.

We specialize in architecture and design of custom application modules to meet your specific needs, which we ensure will effectively integrate with your existing systems. We work closely with your domain experts, so that the resulting system is:

  • Scalable. The application can handle the load as the company grows.
  • Maintainable. Your developers can easily make the changes as different business needs arise.
  • Extensible. The system is built to accommodate adding additional features later.

While we encourage agile techniques, such as test-driven development, we will work with whatever processes you have in place, be it traditional or agile. We begin by solidifying the requirements necessary to architect the system properly. We focus on establishing performance metrics before design begins, and we test the application during development to make sure that it meets the performance goals. At the end of this process, your team will have an effective plan to develop software that meets your requirements. Alternately, we can help you bring the plan to fruition with our development services.

Call us at 781-259-1700 to discuss your needs and see how we can help.